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Trash Service

  1. Bulk pickup: Tuesday ONLY
  2. Recyclables: Friday ONLY (Blue and Yellow bins)
  3. Trash/Garbage pick-up: Tuesday and Friday.
  4. Delray Beach Garbage Info, Delray Beach Garbage Rule Link

   (a) All garbage should be bagged or wrapped, screened from view, and placed inside a covered container or the    City-provided green container.

  (b) Trash bins should be placed alongside the street curb, (not in the street or next to the mailbox), no earlier or sooner than 5:00 PM of the previous day, i.e. Monday or Thursday.

   (c) Trash collectors will not pick up any trash that is not in a garbage bin. They will leave it sitting there.  If your garbage does not fit in the bin then you should request a larger container.   Additionally, leaving trash bags outside of garbage cans violates city ordinances.

  1. Please remove empty trash bins the same day and please store away from the front of the unit.
  2. Recycling containers should be placed at the curb, (not in the street), on Thursday, after 5:00 PM.

        NO plastic bags, foam products, aluminum foil or pans, shredded paper, plastic eating utensils, paper plates, paper towels or napkins, coat hangers, light bulbs, needles.

        Blue Bin Gets
:   Plastic Bottles and Containers-Lids on 2 gallons or less, Cans - Food and Beverage, Glass Bottles and Jars - Lids off, Cartons, Milk and Juice - Lids on, Drink Boxes - No Pouches

        Yellow Bin Gets:  Cardboard cut and flattened to 36-inches x 36 inches or less. Newspaper and Inserts - No plastic bags, Office and School Paper, Mail, Magazines, Dry Food Boxes - No food stains, Paper Bags, Cardboard Paper Rolls, Pizza Boxes - No food stains.

  1. Landscape cuttings: Reduce to no longer than 6-feet in length, bundled and tied when extensive, and placed alongside the curb, (not in the street), after 5:00 PM for next day collection, preferably by the trash service company on their service days, or otherwise by our maintenance staff.
  2. Please, do not “dump” by depositing trash or bulk items at our cutting collection areas, which is designed only for landscape cuttings.
  3. Thank you for your cooperation.