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It is recommended that you download the latest copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader (AAR) and install it on your PC.
The Form files can be printed for written entry or saved to your PC for editable entry and printing.
To save a file below, with (AAR), click the file name, on the open document, in the upper left hand corner, note the save prompt when you scroll over the floppy disc icon. You can click on the icon as well. It is recommended that you use a new file name.

Once saved, the PDF Form file is editable using (AAR). That is, the user can type in their entries. You open the file on your PC with AAR. If editable fields are highlighted in blue, place the cursor on the entry line and left-click. A flashing cursor position will appear. Fill in desired fields. If editable fields are not highlighted, Select: Tools, Fill and Sign, You Fill and Sign. Place the cursor (IAB) on the desired field and a blue box will cover the field. Type in the entries. Print the file for signature and submission.

NOTE: Re. Buyer's Notice Of Purchase and Lessee Rental Applications:

Fee payments are to be made out to: Shadywoods Homeowners' Association, Inc.

Send payment with application to:

Seacrest Services Inc.
2101 Centrepark W. Drive, Suite 110
West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Attn. Francesca Desvarieux
if no payment is involved, email Seacrest Services at  [email protected] with the form attached and copy [email protected]. Be sure the form is attached. The appropriate committee will respond. 


NOTE: For requests involving walkways and outside patios use the Architectural Request Form not the Landscape Form. Use the latter only for plant related issues.

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