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Pet Rules

Here in Delray Beach, Shadywoods is indeed a haven and a ”breed” apart being one of the extremely rare PET FRIENDLY communities for folks who love their dogs and cats.   We therefore request your cooperation to respect and comply with those particular rules below that pertain to walking your pet:


  1. Clean-up after one’s pet is mandatory, including your property. (None of us should have to see or step on your dog’s droppings.  This is also respecting the maintenance crew who work in the yards -- Use a flashlight at night.)
  2. Outside the unit, pets should be on a leash under the control of the owner.
  3. Pets should be walked only along the edge of the street, not beyond the swale, and certainly not onto anyone’s property, or any greenbelt area, or the golf course.
  4. Under no circumstances are pets permitted in any recreational area.
  5. Please respect these rules, and thank you.


To summarize:  Our pets adorable

                          Their poop deplorable

                          Your cooperation laudable

                          To pick-up commendable

                          Your help appreciable