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Re-roofing Shingle Types


RE: Shadywoods Architecural Request for re-roofing
No schematic required, include shingle manufacturer type and color.
Discuss shingle type and color with ARB contact. When agreed to:
complete ARB form, sign and give copy to the Architectural Committee for approval.

Shadywoods Approved Shingle Types and color:

(Check the warranties for each type. Dimensional usually cost more but have a better warranty.)

GAF | Royal Sovereign 3-Tab Roofing Shingles
Color: Royal Sovereign - Golden Cedar
Web Link:

GAF | Timberline Architectural (Dimensional) Roofing Shingles
Timberline® Natural Shadow® Shingles
Color: Timberline Natural Shadow - Shakewood
Web Link:

Certainteed 3-Tab
Color: Timber Blend XT-25
Web Link:

Certainteed  Architectural  (Dimensional)
Color: Resawn Shake
Web Link:
Landmark Roofing Shingles - CertainTeed

Tamko Heritage Architectural (Dimensional):
Color: Rustic Cedar:
Web Link:

Owens Corning:
Architectural (Dimensional) and 3-Tab
Color: Desert Tan
Web Link:
Roofing Shingles | Owens Corning Roofing

Re Paint:

A new roof will result in a new drip edge. It has to be painted the house trim color. See NOTE below.

The same with any replaced wood fascia. Any replaced or covered stucco that is visible should be painted the house stucco color. Be forewarned, sometimes roofers do not paint and leave it up to the homeowner.

Shadywoods paint information is below***.

***Sherwin Williams Exterior Acrylic Satin Latex Paint

House Base Stucco:
Color: SW 7671 On The Rocks
Product: Color To Go I Satin A91W00451

Sherwin Williams On The Rocks Link:


House Trim:
Color: SW 7505 Manor House
Product: Color To Go I Satin A91T00454

Sherwin Williams Manor House Link: