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HOA Dues / Accounting

2024 HOA Fee:  $278.00 per month effective 01/01/2024
(Fee is for HOA maintenance and expenses. Also Included is Comcast basic cable and two standard digital boxes.)

Direct Debit Service Available - Application Form File Below**

Contracted Accounting Service
 Victory Accounting Services, Inc.
 1500 E Gateway Blvd. Suite 220
 Boynton Beach, FL 33426
 Telephone: 561-739-7990  Fax: 561-423-0364  Email: [email protected]

NOTE: Maintenance assessment payments are due on the first day of each month and must be received at the location designated in Maintenance Coupon Book on or before the 10 day of each month or a late charge in the amount of $25.00 shall be imposed.

Any monthly payment, or portion thereof, or late charge, fine or penalty that remains unpaid for ninety (90) days or more shall be referred to the Association's attorney for collection, including the preparation, filing and notice to the delinquent homeowner. All payments made to the Association shall be applied first to unpaid fines and late charges, second to accrued interest, and third to the then unpaid principal balance of the assessment due in the reverse chronological order in which each monthly payment became due.

** The file can be printed for written entry or saved to your PC for editable entry and printing. To save the file below with Adobe Reader, click the file name, on the open document, in the upper left hand corner, note the save prompt when you scroll over the floppy icon. You can click on the icon as well:
Recommend that you use a new file name to keep from overwriting previously entered data.
Once saved, the PDF Form file is editable. That is, the user can type in their entries. You open the file on your PC and place the cursor on the entry line and left click. A flashing cursor will appear. Type in entries.

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