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Paint From Home Depot

The Colors below will be replaced with the painting of SW Homes Starting 09/05/2023.
The new colors will be posted to replace the ones listed here.
Get Current Colors of Shadywoods House Paint At The Home Depot:

Note: these colors may change when the homes are repainted.

The colors were originally picked from Behr inventory by the Painting Committee
and given to the paint contractor who used their own paint. You can get the Behr
paint at Home Depot. Below is the information the Home Depot paint mixer needs.
Also included are the Behr web page links to the colors.
Use Exterior satin enamel latex paint.

You can print the information below. Highlight the text between the dash lines and
Right Click mouse and select print. You can take copy to Home Depot as a reference.
Behr Paint- Exterior Satin Enamel

Main Stucco Color:
Formula LRV: 68 R: 226 G: 213 B: 189
Behr Website:

Trim Color:
Simply Sage PPU10-16
Formula LRV: 39 R: 167 G: 169 B: 150
Behr Website:

Paint Card Images From Home Depot (These may no longer be in the Home Depot
paint card display racks but are still accurate):